Go Kart Raceway

Open for 2019 Season!

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Indy Go Kart Track

Funway’s Indy Raceway features Mini Indy go karts, Eagle Karts and Two Seater Go Karts. Drivers can race to the finish on Funway’s track designed to for kids and families!

Mini Indy Go Karts:
For drivers ages 7-9 with a minimum height of 48″.
$5.00 for a 5 minute ride.

Eagle Go Karts:
For drivers 10 and up with a minimum height of 54″.
$6.00 for a 5 minute ride.

Two Seater Karts:
For ages 18+ with a child 3+
$6.00 for a 5 minute ride.

On Your Mark – Get Set – GO!

NEW: Fast Track Go Kart Raceway! NOW OPEN! 

Funway’s Fast Track Raceway features Falcon Go Karts and Formula 1 Karts. Designed with the need for speed! 

Falcon Go Karts:
For drivers 13 and up, with a high school I.D.
$7.00 per person

Formula 1 Karts:
For drivers 16 and up, with a valid drivers license
Helmets required.