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Have a Blast at the Bowling Center!

Come bowl and grab some food while you’re here!

Whether you want a full meal or just a snack, Funway’s Grill has it all! Thirsty?  You can also stop by the Big “R” Bar for a beer, wine or your favorite mixed drink!

New Games & Scoring System!

Same as the basketball game! Player 1 chooses the difficulty. The rest of the players must try and knock down a set of pins. If the player misses the shot, they get a letter. The first person to spell horse loses.

Great for young kids! 5 frame games, with one ball a frame. Max score is 50 points. 

Need some practice on hitting that 7-10 split? My Shot allows you to practice a pattern of your choice.

Great for families or teens! Take your picture on the tablet when you start the game and you will see it up on the scorers throughout the game! Funny objects such as sunglasses, red noses and tiaras are added to the photos for a fun twist! Scoring for this setting is the same as regular tenpin bowling.

Today’s Open Bowling Hours



Call 630-879-8717 for Pro Shop hours!

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